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Work directly with Rockstar Spirit founder Fabiola Hesslein or one of our trusted advisors.

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Fabi's passion is to help transcend our own potential and thrive by "less doing and more being”.  Expanding her own consciousness and personal power led to new levels of success.  The guidance, ideas, and the awareness she provides surrounds her professional and personal success, intuitive capacity and her signature alignment method. 

Consultations / Coaching Sessions available for:

  • Mindset/Lifestyle/Wellness Chats

  • Spiritual Awakening/Metaphysical Concepts

  • Career or Creative Direction

  • Confidence/Motivation/Self-Esteem 

Available up to 60 minutes Phone Call or Zoom Session

Note: There are a limited number of spots available for one-on-one consultations/coaching calls. This is to ensure we provide each individual the fair amount of energy and attention.

Please submit your request here for a 1:1 consult.  You will receive pricing & availability.

Thanks for submitting! Check your email for a message from me!


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