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  • Learn what Rockstar Spirit is and what we offer
  • What is Rockstar Spirit?
    ROCKSTAR SPIRIT is an empowerment brand and mentoring platform to help you become your BEST SELF and live your BEST LIFE. We are an arena filled with tools, tips, products, events and concepts that usher you towards an awareness, alignment and activation of your TRUE POWER. We all have much more creative influence and prowess over our existence than we realize. However, the self-mastery journey begins with self-love, self-care, and self-awareness. It's the inner-source connection and integration that authentically empowers you and all areas of your life resulting in a more seamless, harmonious and rewarding reality. Rockstar Spirit strives to support your personal evolution and enrich the quality of your life to help you craft the BEST VERSION of YOU 360°. Think of us as your life coach and lifestyle guru in one. We believe Rockstar Spirit can be a way of life -- a very empowering one!
  • What is Rockstar Spirit's mission?
    The Rockstar Spirit mission is to champion your human potential and wellbeing by helping you elevate your consciousness and vibrational frequency. We view our brand as a destination of guidance, inspiration and transformation. We believe an awareness of the transcendent energy field within, what we call Rockstar Spirit, can help you flourish with less struggle and more freedom. This self-awareness and alignment activates a flow -- an optimal state of consciousness where you simply feel your best and allow your personal power to create your desired reality.
  • What is the core message of Rockstar Spirit?
    When you believe you're a rockstar, the universe treats you like one. We are co-creators of the universe, so our potential is boundless. When we merge with our inner-source and that belief system, our highest form of "creative greatness" is activated. So while hard work is part of the equation of creating success, ALIGNMENT is the true hustle. Mastering your outer world is ultimately an inside job. We call it the "grind-redefined". Unlock that creative greatness to experience your best life.
  • What does Rockstar Spirit offer?
    ROCKSTAR SPIRIT is a go-to destination for self-empowerment. Our multidimensional platform supports your evolution with a variety of quests to help you align with your personal power and activate your creative greatness which will ultimately enrich the quality of your life as a whole ...leading to the BEST VERSION of YOU 360°. --- We are your life coach and lifestyle guru in one. We believe Rockstar Spirit is a way of life, a very empowering one. We can help you gain more awareness of your true capabilities and all the ways it can offer you a more seamless, harmonious and rewarding reality. Our brand represents a wealth of wisdom, inspiration, and the Rockstar Spirit belief system, a 'co-creation' concept that will skyrocket your human potential and wellbeing. Products and Services include: Workshops One-on-One Sessions Society Membership Official Book (Coming Soon) Journal App Retreats Special Events Lifestyle Blog Social Medial Channels T-Shirts, Journals and more.
  • What makes Rockstar Spirit different from other personal-development, career-development, and self-improvement resources?"
    Rockstar Spirit offers a creative, mirthful, wonderland approach to the self-mastery journey, personal growth, mind-body connection and your spirital awakening. You will also discover Rockstar Spirit's signature framework and healing methods that align with the way we live in today’s technology-laden society.
  • Who is Rockstar Spirit good for?
    Rockstar Spirit is great for anyone looking to expand and transform their lives into a more seamless, harmonious, creative and rewarding experience. If you're looking to operate as the best version of yourself then Rockstar Spirit can offer various experiences to help you. It's a great time to reset, reinvent and renew ourselves for this new era. If you.... - are often seeking answers to life or your purpose - are ready to dump old habits and explore new ways of operating - are ready release your doubts, fears and anxiety - looking to tap more into your natural talents, creativity, artistic skills - feel you deserve more and want to know how to manifest better/quicker - ready to invite more balance, peace & harmony in your surroundings and relationships - lookig for a way to stay motivated, confident and on track to success - are a lion heart ready to finally soar and expand your mind, heart and spirit This platform is especially great for young female dreamers, creatives, & entrepreneurs seeking guidance, direction, and clarity during their early stage of their work/life path. Seasoned women who seek to reinvent themselves are welcome too. Whatever the case, we are here for you! Explore our website to view all the ways we can help you!
  • Why was Rockstar Spirit created?
    Founder Fabiola Hesslein is a successful creative, producer and entrepreneur on a mission to help you unlock your personal power and turn up your creative greatness. She created Rockstar Spirit as a way to help reinvent the hustle and introduce a life experience that flows wondrously in your favor. This stems from her own personal experience. "In 2017, it was clear that every fiber of my being was calling for transformation. My "never-say-die" approach to my life and work had finally caught up to me. So I experimented with a creative approach to break down my usual coping mechanisms and auto-pilot habits and fully reclaim my Rockstar Spirit --- the energy and belief system that orginally led me to a more 'effortless' experience of achieving success. This personal journey (a quite spiritual one) confirmed my new mission and inspired the launch of Rockstar Spirit. I am passionate about sharing my methods on optimizing our human potential and wellbeing." ~Fabiola (Founder)
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