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The Rockstar Spirit Backstory. 

I recall as a child declaring I'd be a rockstar -- not just in a literal sense but at everything I planned on conquering (even vowing I would perform with Michael Jackson some day).  In 1990, that belief would lead me to multidimensional accomplishments across 3 decades of my life and career.  


The journey would not be without some of the struggles and adversity many inspiring artists go through, including times with barely a dime to my name or a home to call my own, repeated casting rejections, and sexual harassments from those who had the power to make or break your career.  But I maintained an invincible mindset and continued to believe that greatness was my right while holding onto the visions I had for my future.  With this belief system and conviction, some of those dreams would ultimately come true including a few surprises along the way.  I went on to work with superstars and icons such as Michael Jackson, Usher, Pink, Marc Anthony, Missy Elliot, Ricky Martin, Reem Acra, and more; ..landed a recording contract offer by Warner Music record label; ..toured internationally as a master teacher and mentor; ..found my soulmate; ..became a self-made entrepreneur and gained financially freedom.  My journey presented to be a fluid and abundant experience so far.


In 2008, my husband and I morphed our talents to launch our full-scale live entertainment production company, Tryon Entertainment.  I vowed to over-deliver and perform the same work ethic I had witnessed from many famous artists and figures I had the honor of working with. As a Type-A control-freak, I embedded myself into almost every role in my company.  Within a few short years, we become recognized and respected for our meticulous attention to detail, unparalleled creativity, and my leadership as a female CEO, Creative Director, and Co-Founder of one of the most innovative production companies in New York City --- catering to a clientele that includes Fortune 500 companies, luxury brands, political figures, A-listers, and billionaires. 


However, in 2018 my "never-say-die" attitude had caught up to me (mind, body, and spirit), resulting in emotional distress and health concerns that landed me in the emergency room several times, near stroke as one doctor diagnosed.  The burnout, depletion, and rat race was causing not only my ability to function at my best but forging my inner light to dim.  I asked myself, "Was this what it took to succeed as an entrepreneur ..a  mover and shaker?"  It appeared that every fiber of my being was calling for transformation and realignment.  I got too caught up in survival-mode and a disease to please everyone but myself.  So I decided to make serious changes by setting boundaries, releasing what no longer served me, and experimenting with my own unique method that would help me reclaim my rockstar spirit.  During this process, I also got the sense that I was being led to a new purpose or chapter in life.  


That year would prove to be revolutionary.  While “movements” were going on in the world, movements were going on in me.  It was a very lonely and isolating quest but I experienced breakdowns and breakthroughs that made me "re-member" my true power and how much we're in control as "co-creators" with our inner source connection -- the energy field that acts as our very own guidance system.  We simply need to 'let go' a little and dance with the universe more.  It's a transcendental partnership.  I entered 2019 renewed and empowered, instantly experiencing a resurgence of strength, success and abundance in so many ways.


In hindsight, it was my original rockstar spirit mindset and self-awareness that allowed me to release the grip a little and trust in the universe.  It's what activated me in the beginning of my creative journey.  I wanted to get back to that "flow".  So I came to realize that while hard work may be part of the equation to success, it's alignment that's the true hustle.  Self-care equals self-love, which leads you back to alignment.  This is the real method to the madness!  


This alignment process will allow us creative control of our environment -- a life and work experience filled with more ease, grace, power, and effectiveness.  I am excited to create a life-enriching destination to bring awareness, alignment, and activation for your own personal and professional evolution.  I can't wait to connect with you in this community and help activate your Rockstar Spirit.  

- Fabiola

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