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Premium packaged sessions for individuals, corporate teams or educational institutions.  

It is an intimate roadmap to activating your Rockstar Spirit -- a self-awareness blueprint for your personal evolution.

The Private Mentorship program gives you the individualized focus you need for long-term sustainable success.  


Who is this for?

Candidates for the program possess a drive for greater success, a hunger to transform, and a full commitment to investing in themselves.  Individuals or groups who seek this program are ready to:​

  • Master the ability to manifest their desires.

  • Skyrocket your creative potential

  • Upgrade, transition, or reinvent your path forward

  • Shift their mindset for once and for all

  • Commit to the strategies we set and stay accountable in applying them

What you’ll gain:

  • A more deeper, meaningful level of communication from a non-judgmental place

  • A custom strategy and roadmap tailored to prime you for success

  • Daily tools, methods, and practices that you can fit into your current way of life

  • Breakthroughs and A-HAs that will renew your self-confidence

  • A wellness approach that gets you operating beyond survival mode

  • A change in your mindset and how to live more consciously

  • Receive a RS method journal and affirmations for lifetime guidance

How we’ll do it:

First step: please fill out our form to apply and a call will be arranged if we are deemed a great fit so far. This is a chance to learn more about your goals and what you hope to achieve through mentoring. The second step is to strategize your preferred learning format, and to determine exactly what steps you need to take to transform.  It will be a 5-8-Step process (depending on your needs) to help engineer key areas of your life and steer you into alignment.  Alignment is the TRUE hustle when it comes to achieving all your goals and dreams.  You will learn to unleash the grip and turn to your Rockstar Spirit to bring about more abundance and creativity into your life and career more effortlessly.

When you’ll get Results:

The tools and insights you receive are timeless and evergreen and are proven strategies to help achieve many forms of success.  You will simply be guided and activated towards achieving them. The results you seek will ultimately be based on:

  • The belief you have in your innate power 

  • The alignment we help set in place for you

  • The commitment and consistency to your transformation 

  • The frequency you’re operating from 


Something led you to this place for a reason.  So trust the process and the timing of how it all unfolds for you.  Allow the universe to work through you now that you’re looking to align with its power.  The more you believe, the more you receive. 


Why Rockstar Spirit:

You’re getting personal tools & ideas that helped create results for others that you're looking to create for yourself.  There’s no better investment than yourself.   You can continue to go in circles and stay stuck until you get clear on what to do and how to do it.  Or you can gain the knowledge and insights from a source who has been successful at it.


This is a structured and multilayered process with unique methods to help empower your potential to create the life and career you desire.  Private Mentoring may be just what you need to take you to the next level. 

Code of Ethics

The strictest levels of confidentiality with the content of your sessions are maintained.  All information provided to you in the sessions are strictly for you only.

New SESSIONS in 2023
Based on your desired goals and transformation please fill out the following form to determine the amount of one-on-one sessions suggested.  

Brief consultations/coaching calls available.


"The inner-source connection is often overlooked as a powerful means of creation.  It's time to turn inwards and create the life-experience you deserve.  It's your birthright."

~Fabiola Hesslein
Rockstar Spirit Founder

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