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10 Tips for Keeping Your Home Sacred to Live Your Best Life

Self care is not just about pampering yourself but creating an optimal living space so you may live your best life from the inside out. We all have different decorating styles and tastes, but there are some essential design tips that can keep your home sacred and feel like your own boutique hotel. Now that working remotely has become the new norm, we want our spaces to mimic perhaps a favorite getaway or simply feel like a beautiful retreat. We are reexamining our values and our quality of life. Therefore, we want our homes to align. Here are the top ten simple design tips to consider:

  • Repaint your walls to make your place look brand new. It will feel like you just moved in.

  • Use a neutral color palette to avoid clashing decor. Or use a wild wallpaper print in minimalist spaces.

  • Use low, dramatic lighting for a hotel lounge vibe. Lighting is everything!

  • Be sure that the decor on your walls is well hung and not crooked.

  • Bring in large tropical plants or flowers into the rooms you spend most time in. It will feel like a seaside bungalow.

  • Use a statement chair or decor to create an area for sitting and chatting.

  • Add artwork with sentimental value if decorating is becoming too expensive. Use decor items from across the globe and work them into different rooms of the house.

  • Take decorating ideas from films you love or favorite hotels you've visited.

  • Consider using an unoccupied room or intimate space in your home as a place of creative energy and meditation with decorating tips like fresh flowers, candles, and cleanliness.

Your home is sacred. Take responsibility for the energy you create in your space. Live intentionally so you can learn to live as your best self. It is an important part of your self-care journey.

At Rockstar Spirit, we strive to support your personal evolution and enrich the quality of your life to help you craft the BEST VERSION of YOU 360°. Think of us as your life coach and lifestyle guru in one. Learn about the ways we can help support your well-being, creativity and human potential so you can start living your best life.


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