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5 Ways to Turn a Breakdown into a Breakthrough

Have you hit a bit of a roadblock in your life and questioning your sense of purpose? Are you perhaps no longer passionate about certain things? Is your level of distress affecting your mind, body, and spirit? Believe it or not, these are signs that things are breaking down for the better.

Any breakdown is a breakthrough in disguise, whether the experience is internal or external. This is something I express to others when I look back on my journey not too long ago as I was dealing with emotional distress that landed me in the hospital several times, near stroke as one doctor diagnosed.  Even though it was medically diagnosed as hypertension and stress, it appeared that every fiber of my being was really calling for transformation and realignment in a deeper sense. I felt it was an aspect of my spiritual awakening. Ultimately, I found my power back and starting thriving again in all areas like never before. It was all about alignment and setting some new intentions. I know I was destined to experience this profound evolution in order to help others. Here are five ways I turned a breakdown into a breakthrough:


I started by evaluating every single area of my life to assess where I was lacking and suffering and how I could regain control and balance.

[Relationships]: I reexamined my relationships and immediately started letting go of ones that I no longer felt aligned with. Then I set aside routine communications with those most important to me.

[Health - Mind/Body/Spirit]: I double-checked my physical health by visiting various medical doctors and alternative practitioners such as acupuncturists and reiki healers. I got rid of unhealthy eating habits and chose a more wholesome route. I began my fitness journey by sticking to activities that I truly enjoy most which includes dance, cycling, and walks in nature. I slightly changed my sleeping habit by getting to bed at 10:00pm instead of 11:00pm. I continued to wake up at least 2-3 hours before I started any kind of work. (Always allow plenty of time in the morning to fully go with the flow, breathe, meditate, journal, have breakfast, coffee/tea, exercise, etc. while avoiding television, phones, and emails as much as possible). I started looking at my image and wardrobe to see what still resonates and made slight changes or decluttered as a simple refresh. I became mindful on what I was reading and scrolling through social media. I consciously followed profiles that felt most nurturing, joyful, or that simply aligned with my soul.

[Home/Purpose/Self-Care]: I assessed my home, the city I live, my career and either made or noted changes I would ultimately make. I started letting go of too many obligations and decided to have more ME time and have FUN! It had been a long time since I've had any real fun. Raising your vibrations and feeling good is the key to an optimal life experience. What our souls want most is freedom. So don't take life too serious. Follow your bliss and respond to every call that excites your spirit! A full "Alignment Evaluation" form is available on the Rockstar Spirit website home page.


I started setting strong boundaries and releasing things likes projects, clients, work habits, and behaviors that no longer served me. Don't over commit yourself if you'll feel overwhelmed. Let go of anything that poses a burden to you because it is your self-care that matters most. It is not selfish but rather self-love. We cannot give to others on an empty cup. Life experience is based on the frequency we are operating from. So only subject yourself to what brings you the most joy and peace authentically.

Release your fears of saying "no" (something I had a hard time doing sometimes). I have a passion for giving but it can deplete you. I was too much of a people-pleaser and it sucked the life out of me. I am now more selective on how I give back and pace myself as much as possible. You can't please everyone. So say yes if it truly aligns intuitively and if it doesn't compromise your wellbeing. It's all about balance.


I cannot express enough how much being thankful is a super power -- even with the trials and tribulations we go through. Every moment in life (the good and not-so-good) is teachable in some form or fashion. It helps us evolve. This is a blessing in itself. You may look back on the lesson one day as a tool to help you or others on their own journeys. And since the universe responds to vibration, be sure to carve out time daily (preferably in the mornings) to list everything you're truly grateful for. The more you express gratitude, the more you draw wonderful experiences into your reality. Being grateful is actually very simple when you think about how much worse things could be. When you count all your blessings past and present, then ask yourself "Why would it stop now?".


I got back into repeating affirmations and declarations that lead to my work/life success in the first place. After all, I had achieved every area of my life so beautifully. I fulfilled just about every dream I set myself out to accomplish. But there are times throughout your journey when you'll experience a breakdown of some sort that's meant to either awaken or redirect you to something new (most of the time your true purpose in life) or to remember your inherited power when it's been deflated. So I started declaring out loud "I am fully supported and navigated. Show me what to do next? I am grateful for the clarity and guidance." I actually started getting the answers in all forms of communication (in synchronicities & serendipitous moments in conversations, social media, books, songs, tv/film scenes that were speaking to me). I also recoded my internal software with keywords that would reprogram my spirit and mindset.


We must let go of the grip a little and allow the transformation to take place. Trying "too too hard" to control and fix things is saying I don't trust in the higher purpose enough to reveal a wonderful breakthrough ...which then prolongs the process even more. When you order a pizza, you don't keep calling it to say "When are you coming, when are you coming?". You just place the order and wait until it arrives, right?

Also, do seek medical attention or alternative practitioners when necessary. It's good to exhaust all these options as a precaution, as these professionals exist to help and heal us as well. But always know that you are completely connected to an inner source of power that allows you to truly create your reality. Invite this belief to help you transform and activate your personal power.


The best way to empower yourself is through alignment because sometimes the only way out is in. We must commit to self-love and self-care. It starts with an awareness and an understanding that your breakdown (whether internal or something external such as a relationship or your career) is a part of your evolution. These events force us to face deep-rooted issues, shadows, and traumas that are still lingering within us in order to find our way back to the true essence of who we are as human beings -- energy beings embodied with creative power. Once you do the work, including the assessments surrounding your life, you are then on your way to optimal wellbeing and maximizing your human potential. A higher level of consciousness will make way. Another version of you will be revealed. This is the breakthrough you are waiting for.

Setting an intention to get aligned is saying you choose everything that best serves you and your existence here. It is saying that you believe in a bigger picture and higher purpose. The timing of the breakthrough may be different for everyone but trust the process and believe that you are completely supported every step of the way.

Don't hesitate to seek further inspiration and guidance on your wellness journey. Let us know how we can help. Your rockstar spirit awaits you.

Fabi Hesslein

Founder/Mentor of Rockstar Spirit


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