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How Art in all Forms Can Heal You (Art Therapy Activities)

Art has the power to heal whether it's visual art, performing art or decorative art. It can help you reconnect with yourself and the world around you, and it can help you find yourself again after going through a difficult time or dealing with uncertainties. This post discusses how art heals by looking at examples of various outlets that have helped people recover from their struggles. Find an art therapy activity that speaks to you!

wall mural of face with nose and mouth


Movement has been shown to release endorphins- powerful body chemicals that combat stress and trauma. For those who are unable to express themselves verbally, or for people with limited mobility due to illness or injury, dance can be a way of getting across strong feelings. Try taking a dance class or rent a small studio for yourself. Allow yourself to just move and release whatever comes up for you.


Music therapy is the use of sound and musical instruments as therapeutic interventions which have been proven effective at reducing pain levels in adults. It has also been shown to improve sleep, including reducing insomnia. Try taking up an instrument or make several playlists for all moods (dance music, chill out, meditation, workouts, etc.).


Color therapy uses colored light and/or color in a way that helps to reduce anxiety and depression levels. It can help people who are feeling depressed or stuck in negative thought patterns. Buy an easel. Try picking up a brush and paint whatever comes to you.


Photography and digital imaging are powerful therapeutic tools that can help people with trauma or abuse. It has been shown to reduce the recurrence of PTSD symptoms. Explore your neighborhood and take abstract snapshots of things and places that you find beauty in or that promote a sense of healing.


When faced with a cancer diagnosis, Martha O'Dell was able to find healing through the art of ceramics. In her studio she would work on creating new pots that were an escape from reality. They weren't meant as functional objects but instead served as symbols for hope and beauty in life after treatment. Try taking up a class and create a collection for yourself or as a gift for someone that has helped you cope.

Art Therapy Activies

These are just some of the many mediums and outlets out there that offer people ways to heal themselves and others around them while exploring their creativity. We don't give art enough credit for helping us through trials and tribulations. Lean towards what helps you. Self-expression is healing in more ways than we realize.


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