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17 Ways to Manifest Your Dreams

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Manifesting your dreams is a process that takes time, patience and focus. It's not about achieving your goals in life overnight - rather, it's about living the best version of yourself right now. Here are 17 manifestation methods to help you unlock your creative manifesting power.

Where to Begin

  1. Begin with a space to write out your goals.

  2. Visualize yourself achieving them and how you'll feel when they happen.

  3. Ask for help from the universe by writing down what you want, why it's important and who will help make this possible.

Take Action

  1. Move into action mode! Take steps towards fulfilling your dream every day - whether that means taking small steps or big leaps at first; eventually, those tiny steps turn into giant strides of success (and satisfaction!).

  2. Stay open minded to opportunities that come along in life because these are often signs that someone else is trying to push forward your dreams too.

  3. Put positive energy out there by surrounding yourself with supportive people who share similar values as you.

Be Persistent!

  1. Be patient and persistent with your dream, because it often takes time to manifest what you want in life - but the patience is worth all of those feelings of accomplishment when dreams become reality or at least come close!

  2. Believe that every person on earth has a gift from the universe; if they’re not using their gifts now, maybe this is why they came into your life. It may be for you to help them use theirs more effectively (or vice versa).

  3. Find ways to make extra money so that you can put some aside for whatever expense comes up next. When people start withdrawing savings, it's usually because there was no backup plan in place and something was going wrong somewhere else in their lives.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

  1. Learn to be comfortable with discomfort. It sounds counterintuitive, but the more you're able to feel safe in uncomfortable situations the better equipped you'll be for creative problem solving.

  2. Practice living out of your comfort zone; it's difficult at first and then becomes easier as time progresses. You can do this by simply talking to someone new or doing a different activity than what you usually are used to.

Compassion & Mindfulness

  1. Be compassionate about others' challenges and don't judge other people if they seem unhappy because they might have their own struggles that we just don't know about yet - empathy is key! There really isn’t one person on earth who has everything together perfectly all at once so why should we expect everyone else around us to be happy all the time.

  2. Be mindful about your thoughts and consider how they impact your moods, behaviors, relationships with others and decisions that you make. When you notice a pattern of negative thinking or feelings it can help to write them down in a journal for later reflection; once we're able to see our patterns without judgment we can start to work towards changing them.

Journal & Visualize

  1. Try a gratitude journal: at the end of each day, write down all of your blessings and what you are grateful for - this can be as simple as appreciating that you have enough food on hand or recognizing how much love there is in your life. This process can help shift our thinking into positive mode.

  2. Journal your dreams: this can help us to remember more of our dreams and also give clues about the things that we need most. After writing down a dream, reread what you have written before going on to sleep - be sure not to stay awake too long or risk forgetting some of it!

  3. Visualize daily with an affirmation or two: affirmations are a great way to focus on what we want from the universe. This is also an effective form of self-talk that will help us achieve our goals and desires!

  4. Meditate every morning for at least 20 minutes: meditation can be done in many ways but it's always good to have some time devoted to quieting the mind. It's also important to be mindful and keep your focus on what you want, not allowing any other thoughts or distractions to enter into your consciousness.

Start Manifesting Your Dreams Today

Part of our mission at Rockstar Spirit is to champion our human potential. We bring attention and awareness to your personal power. We all have much more creative influence and prowess over our existence than we realize. We will help you understand how to manifest your dreams.


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