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The Importance Of Staying Mindful

When is comes to self worth there is only one opinion that actually matters, your own. To some self worth, love and acceptance, comes naturally. Others sometimes spend their days searching for validation of their beliefs.

As humans we are no doubt our harshest critics, however, the path to self love can open the doors to many areas of opportunity and success.

Staying mindful can play a large part in where you pull positivity from on a daily basis. Here are some tips to help you stay mindful and increase your feeling of self worth.

How To Stay Mindful

The act of awareness. That is the first step in making any kind of change in your life. Being aware of any negativity that causes you to think about self doubt.

Recognize the feelings that certain thoughts may resonate within you, but understand that it’s okay to push those thoughts aside and take control of your feelings.

Allan Lokos a meditation teacher says, “Don’t believe everything you think. Thoughts are just that — thoughts.”

Try to resist the “negative Nancy” attitude and talk down to yourself with a “I’m lazy”, “I’ll never get there.” These negative thoughts can sometimes repeat in your mind so much you start to believe them.

Tip: Try repeating positive affirmations to help train your brain to think positive and believe in yourself.

If you find yourself criticizing yourself, try and make note of when it’s happening. Be aware that it’s happening, and remind yourself they are just thoughts and you are stronger than that.


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