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Surviving the Digital Overload: Self-care in a New Era.

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How do you deal with digital overload? How can you set boundaries and find work-life balance in a world of constant connection, information, and data? Sometimes self-care seems challenging with our highly digital life. In this article, we'll talk about how to survive the digital overload by practicing radical self-care for healthy habits in a new era.


One of the main issues is that people feel addicted to their phones and social media. You can set boundaries by limiting your hours on these accounts or deleting apps entirely if you're feeling overwhelmed.

Overdoing It

Social media should be used for its intended purpose, not as a constant form of entertainment (like TV).

Be in the Moment

Remember that work is work and playtime is for fun. However, pursue a job that is fun, fulfilling, and doesn't have you grabbing your phone multiple times a day so you can stay present.


Find a balance between work life and personal time so you can have a well-rounded life. Do things that make you forget to check your phone!

Leave It

Leave your phone in another room - this means no phone in the bedroom!


Put your phone on silent to limit notification sounds.

...but wait, there's more...

It should also go without saying that sleep, diet, and physical activity are just as essential components of any wellness plan--and these can easily fall by the wayside when we're feeling overworked or under pressure. Sleep deprivation has been shown in studies to cause a drop in cognitive function; lack of nutrients (especially protein) leads to anxiety and depression symptoms; while too little exercise can lead to weight gain which itself can have a negative impact on mood and mental health. Digital overload can, unfortunately, throw a monkey wrench to our daily wellness efforts. We just need to commit to a balance.

Say 'Goodbye' to Digital Overload

The work-life balance is an important part of your health and wellbeing. It's often easy to get caught up with everything you're doing, but it would be better if you took some time out from social media every day to make sure that it wasn't consuming all the attention. Don't use digital overload as a replacement for living.

A big part of the Rockstar Spirit mission to champion our wellbeing. We bring attention and awareness to your work-life balance as work culture is changing along with the digital era. It's time to redefine our values so we can operate as our best self to live an optimal life.


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